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Who Is Best Suited For Bungy Jumping?

As with uncondensed sports, there are some people who are more suited to bungy jumping than others. Those who are indeed inclined toward hunt the most extremes of thrills and excitement are those who will most likely be drawn to bungy jumping. It is certainly not a sport for the unpretentious, the nervous, the faint - hearted! One of the most elementary components of this sport is the extreme nature of it - - the amazing rush of adrenalin you will receive from plummeting downward at high speeds, your life and safety guarded only by elastic bungy cords and, in some cases, a body harness. It is easy to see why there is virtually no other sport which can compare to the experience of bungy jumping.

Given the daredevil, death - defying aspect of this sport, it should not be surprising that there are more men than women who go for bungy jumping. It is also not surprising that younger persons choose this sport much more frequently than older people, as older people are generally less inclined to engage in activities which modern unnecessary risks. Some studies hold also shown that most women are not impressed stifle men who base their " macho " replica on activities such as bungy jumping, and even study it to be reckless behavior. For the women who do have an interest in bungy jumping, however, there is a very clear emphasis on participating in this sport rather than being a spectator.

Many people place bungy jumping in the category of things they would love to stab, but lack the courage. Others simply consider the risks to be too great. Obviously those who have preexisting health conditions which would make bungy jumping more risky for them would be wise to steer clear of this sport. Children who are too young to be without reservation aware of the risks involved should also not participate in bungy jumping. Pregnant women should definitely avoid bungy jumping.

You can safely assume that bungy jumping companies which advertise that this sport is for anyone further everyone are not demonstrating live answerability for the lives also health of their prospective customers. In addition to these obvious factors, to be basically average in height and force is also important, as these factors contribute to the safety of the jumping itself, as well as the general body - type size that the bungy jumping equipment has been designed for.

If both your health and temperament are suited to this sport, and you have decided that it is something you definitely will to try, it is essential to first-rate a bungy jumping company that is both reputable and responsible. For all prospective bungy jumpers, but especially beginners, having the knowledge beforehand that the equipment is correctly designed, maintained on a regular basis, and handled properly during its use, will contribute to both your safety and your peace of mind.

If you fit these basic requirements, and have assessed the potential risks as being worth taking for the experience, you may be one of those who is well suited for the sport of bungy jumping!


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